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So the time has finally come hey? The services and fees of the average real estate agent are right NOW being tested like they never have before. The public out there will no longer accept someone just turning up in a BMW, pointing at some granite bench tops and backyards and paying $8,000 - $15,000 for a tour guide / contract courier service.

Good!! That is your biggest opportunity in the last ten years for you to absolutely own your marketplace, all you need to do is spend one day with me and I'll show you exactly how I have done just that for hundreds of agents across Australia.

Here's What Celebrities, Business Icons And
Super Agents Say About The Current Controversy

You got into real estate with certain aspirations and as more and more people enter the industry it's inevitable that the real estate agent landscape will become a race to the bottom for the 80+% of agents who refuse to improve upon the skills of yesteryear.

There will of course be some agents that continue to get $15,000 for a commission, with full VPA, but that's a difficult clique to break into if you don't have a 15-year track record and reputation (to say nothing of database) to fall back on.

With seminars like mine training up more and more people to build their personal brand and with consumers wanting to pay less and less for your services, the sad truth is that the economics of your future in real estate (if you continue to think like a 2010 agent) are not on your side.

Add to that the relentless push by third party websites, who want to clip your ticket by 20% to as high as 50% (yes, I was in a client's office and one of his salespeople told me of his having to split a $14,000 commission, 50/50 with a third party lead gen site), so even your ability to 'prospect' your way out of this is being severely impacted, because clever marketers are finding a way to become a middle man to you and clip the ticket for a large share of your take home profit.

"Are you willing to give someone 1/3 of your commission, totalling several thousand dollars? Will you let a third party website outmarket you, and you pay them handsomely to do it again next time?"

How long before this service is offered to consumers directly, and cut you out all together?

It's only a matter of time.

Your clients will be hesitant to use it at first but as the overwhelming evidence suggests they will eventually give it a try. A few of the long termers will remember some suggesting the internet to sell properties would be a 'fad.'

Same market cycle and same demise.

My industry (training you guys) is not much better. You can figure out so much of what the old school trainers used to teach on podcasts, Youtube channels, facebook live trainings, etc.

Where does that leave us?

Right now, you as a real estate agent, can do something that no website or other 'disintermediator' can do.

I have the answers!

Get to be the most well-known 'Celebrity' real estate agent in your area as a personal brand. No website can do that yet.


When I say 'Celebrity' I mean, when your market thinks about selling a property your name is the only one that pops into their heads. We used to call it top of mind awareness, but something changed in the last few years. We've found out how to actually get you ADMIRED by your community, and people are actually WANTING to meet you, and get to know you!!

I know, right!! The lowly real estate agent is now a pillar of the community, with some of my guys being described as 'the mayor' of their area

Think Scripts And Dialogues
Are Going To Save You?

Think again, see the problem lies in how real estate has been trained historically. All the work has been done in the area to the RIGHT of this line, the line representing the appraisal / listing opportunity.

So little is trained to the left of the line and frankly, what we've found, is when you are so 'sought after' by your community as a celebrity in your area, then you need very little of the stuff to the right of the line.

Not saying it all isn't helpful, but frankly, when you are called in, called in uncontested, and they really like you from their feeling like they know you, you don't need amazing 'fee defence dialogue'

But think about this for a second.

Imagine you DON'T get your personal brand to 'celebrity' status and your skills remain not much better than mediocre lead generator through prospecting and you continue to be a lacklustre marketer throwing some lacklustre photos up on the internet, you don't think the consumers can do that without you right?

(you know I'm speaking rhetorically ?)

Because I'm sure I am preaching to the converted if you're still reading this, so why not just buy your tickets now to come spend the day with me...

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But think about this for a second. 80% of real estate do not much more than prospect to find a seller, do a half decent listing presentation, throw some photos up on the net, and run some buyers through the open house, then drive the contract back and forth between the buyer and seller and call it negotiating.

It's only a matter of time before consumers realise they can do what 80% of real estate agents can do…

…and wham, you're out of a job.

Just like that, the selling of properties done by humans will die.

So what does this mean for you?

Well before I tell you (you've probably already guessed partially what I'm proposing) allow me the indulgence of selling myself.

  • I started as an agent just like you, who absolutely struggled and frankly HATED this prospecting cra…… I mean…..stuff.
  • I was a trainer at the REIQ for 2 years and saw so many agents start, wide eyed full of enthusiasm, but slowly over the course of their careers, see that flame dwindle, as they left the industry. Good people too….and it wasn't their fault.
  • I travelled the world and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and over 6000 hours, learning the skills to get your market place to call YOU in, and avoid that endless, arduous prospecting pain.
  • I have trained hundreds of agents one on one over the past 5 years and created more #1 agents in their area per capita than any other coach in recent years.

Here's What Celebrities, Business Icons &
Super Agents Say About Glenn

Still skeptical, watch this video, then click below and get your ticket to spend the day with me.

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You've probably figured out already that I'm suggesting you spend the day with me.

Over the last few years I have done a lot of events where I have several speakers teaching you the best of their stuff, meaning we kind of give you a taste of each speaker, with their best stuff, but no one really has time to 'TRAIN' you. They all have time to inspire you that there's a better way, and teach you one or two things, but you never get a complete system.

Not saying it's a bad thing, it's just different than what I'm proposing this time. I'm proposing I give you the whole smorgasbord, the complete system.

Give me a Day & Your Career
Will Never Be the Same Again!!

I currently spend $30,000 (of my own money) a month on marketing my products, events and training sessions. And my clients collectively spend millions, and they report to me what is and is not working.

That's a lot less than some people I know and a lot more than most people I know.

But and this is important, that's MY OWN money I'm spending and my clients are spending their own too.

You can bet your bot bot I do everything I can to optimise and perfect what I do to maximise the money we make from our investment.

AND YOU get the benefit of our
tireless testing and optimising…..

Stop for a moment.

Consider the money you will save by being handed the END RESULT of our testing, rather than having to test yourself.

  • How we are getting our property videos (or for me, my event videos) watched by our specific target market, for 0.01c-0.03c per view. YES, that's right, ONE – THREE cents per view. We WILL be lamenting these years in the coming decades and wishing we spent more, because the pay per view numbers will be $1 by 2018, mark my words.
  • What flyers are actually getting read, and how are we getting them delivered?
  • What specific tools are we using to have us positioned as a trusted, authority, even celebrity specialist, before we even walk in the door?
  • How are we endearing ourselves to the community, so they feel they owe us one, they feel psychologically indebted to us, without even uttering the words 'free appraisal' even once.

And so much more!

Yes there is a lot to cover I agree. That's why I ned a full day with you. Believe me, if I could knock this over in a 20 minute power session at AREC, I'd beg John for a spot, but this training is different to anything I've done in recent years.

It's training, not a conference!

I am going to go through my entire
'Celebrity Marketing & Positioning Matrix'
with you – step by step

Ok, you've read this far and I congratulate you, so here it is, if you're ready to join me for a full day, for an amount so low it just covers the cost of me hiring the training room, AND get a copy of Gary Vee's book free, then choose the ticket level that's right for you below right now.

Silver VIP $47

Gary Vaynerchuk
Silver Seating

Gold VIP $147

Gary Vaynerchuk Book #AskGaryVee
Gold VIP Front Row Seat
Full Recording Armageddon event
Full GT LIVE Event Recording

Platinum VIP $597

One on One 90 Minute Implementation Session with Glenn
(includes a Personalised Marketing Plan, Personalised Business Audit)
Gary Vaynerchuk' s Speech at the recent Armageddon Event
Platinum VIP Front Row Seat & Copy of the Event Recordings
Full Recording Armageddon event
Full GT LIVE Event Recording

If you're still on the fence, then frankly you haven't watched the videos on this page of the people who took a chance on me years ago (yes my earlier who students, who are now speaking on stages around the country sharing what they learned from me, they took the same chance you are about to take)

So we'll see you there. Your career will thank you for it. Because here is how your life will be once you get these strategies installed……

Between 10 and 40 times a month, you will receive a call, SMS, email, facebook message, or some other communication from your farm area saying words to this effect……

"(Your name), thanks for taking my call, I can see how busy you are. Hey we appreciate how much you've been staying in touch, sorry it's taken us so long, we're finally ready now, when can you pop round and sell our place?"

How do I know this? Because this is the sort of message my students get daily.

You then choose which ones you want to list, sell and bank the commission. See I know you can handle it from there. You don't need me. It's getting the listing opportunities and call ins in greater numbers than you ever have before.

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Still with me, but still not quite convinced.


Then call me 0400 466 371

Call Jodie Curran (but be respectful of her time and ask if she has a moment to speak, remember these are busy BUSY real estate agents), call Chris Gilmour, call Michael Spillane, call Jarrod Carman. Ask them if a day of your time and like, your lunch money, is worth it for what you'll get from a day with me.

Either way I want to thank you for reading this far, attention is in short demand and I don't take yours lightly.

So if I've piqued your interest and you have some questions then get in touch.


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